Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dirty 30

I am 30, I was the first out of my group of friends to go first :).  It was awkward at the time, but I feel good about it now.  Below is an article I found on the Huff about Health in our 30's.  I really think it's worth the read.  The author mentions many things I totally agree with.  I found #8 to be especially important.

8. Yes, your fertility is on the decline
We may be engaged in a culture of prolonged adolescence, but our ovaries are unaware of that fact. By 30, your ovarian reserve will have begun its decline (the height of fertility is in the early 20s) and that decline will become precipitous by 35. That means, if you want to give birth to biological children, it requires a bit of planning.
This necessarily introduces a new dynamic: you are biologically compelled to act out a social behavior (planning a family, looking for a mate) in a way that your male and non-child-seeking peers do not. Yes, it's unfair, but what can you do? As Cole Porter wrote, "We're merely mammals."
Check out the entire article here:

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Birth Control

Check out the below post from REFINERY 29 on the pill.


I learned a lot.