Friday, February 24, 2012

Ovulation Craziness

So, next month I think that I will take the advice of my cyber blog pals and get the ovualtion kit with the  :) smiley face (I think they said it's clear blue) rather then try and decipher these stupid lines.  By nature I am a double-checker, re-checker... so I question everything.  These kits with the lines are maddening so difficult to read.  I struggle with interpretation - I like definitive answers.  

I have looked on other blogs for pics of other test, and I'm not sure how other kits work - but I have noticed that ppl. are saving the strips and writing the date on them, according the test I am using -  you are to dis-guard the test after 5 mins - I'm using the Answer Ovulation 20 strip test kit and those are the instructions.  I guess the other gals have different test.

I know something is going on b/c when I first started the test the line was very faint - hardly appeared in the "test" section. This is what the test looked like this week.

Looking at the test - taken at the same time every morning,  the "surge" was Tuesday/Wednesday.


  1. Yeah - Tuesday/Wednesday definitely look the darkest. That's why I hate these stupid tests - they are crazy hard to read. You won't regret getting the smiley face much easier to use (worth the cost!)

  2. Oh the clearblue digital worked for me! To save money and test kits, you could use the cheapie strips then when it looks close to ov, start using the clearblue digitals to confirm.

    You'll love them. If you check my blog I have examples of negatives, positives and the sticks with lines too.

    Good luck xx

  3. I've been using OVULATION PREDICTOR for a long time and I still get butterflies when that little smiley shows his face. :) I got one from the internet by searching on Google HOME CHECK OVULATION TEST KIT it was great!

  4. Blythe! The problem here is that because of pcos you have constantly higher LH level than normal, thats way its not clear to read these strips. I can see that now you use digital and its August now, so hopefully yous pcos is getting better. (i just started to read your blog. Btw on intenet, ebay i think you can buy strips and you can choose sensitivity the higher it is, the easier to read the result for girls with pcos.

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