Monday, January 16, 2012

Metformin ER - Hoping for the best!

After being on Metformin for a month (and getting a period, Woot Woot!) the side effects SUCK!  My endocrinologist has given me a script for MetforminER the extended release is suppose to help with the side effects.  I really hope this helps because I am sick to my stomach all the time.  I have been literally running to the bathroom.  

I have given up the hope that Metformin will help me loose weight.  My Dr. said to expect 3-5 weight loss.

Since starting Metformin I have lost to date 4 pounds.  Something is better then nothing I suppose.  I just hope I can get somewhat on a schedule so I can track my ovulation, and have a baby without other medication.

I am currently frustrated that I have not had a cycle yet.... but I am trying to be patient.
I plan to take the dose at night - I just hope I don't feel sick all night.  I tried taking the Metformin at night and it was miserable.

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