Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wait for it....... Nothing!

So, I called the Dr. today because it's been quite a while since my last cycle.  Also, because it seems like lately I can't go a week without contacting the doctor either.

My phone tracker app that I use on the iphone "Period Tracker" (I love it, so easy to keep track of everything), estimates that my cycle is about 34 days in length.  I don't know how long it takes to get on a somewhat regular cycle using Metformin/MetforminER....I have read so many articles and visited so many chat room posts I could go cross eyed.  

I have also taken 2 pregnancy tests and both were negative.

When I talked to the Dr.'s assistant and explained that my last cycle was quite sometime ago and that I am taking the metformin as prescribed and still no period.  The assistant seemed surprised that I was taking the metforminER for regulation of my period - I can only assume that maybe she thought I was a diabetic patient.

My lower Back really hurts too!  I have also experience 2 bouts of  insomnia this week. We have been doing some cleaning around our office and moving boxes - I just hope it has something to do with the back pain I am experiencing.  I have a tiny bit vaginal discomfort - but with my hormones all out of whack I am not sure what to expect.  The symptoms from my UTI are slowly starting to go away, still not feeling 100% yet though.  

I also have fallen into the trap of typing my symptoms into google and reading all the scary searches - WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?

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