Wednesday, January 18, 2012

And I thought I wouldn't have enough content....

Well as my Husband told me "You are never boring"!  So today in my glamorous life, I had a Urine test.  Yea, it  was so amazing, jealous?

I started my new prescription of MetforminER on Sunday night (Jan 15th) when I woke up Monday morning (TMI - who am I kidding this whole blog is TMI) urination was painful, Tuesday it was worse and so on.   I walked on my lunch hour 6 blocks to Northwestern after speaking to my endocrinologists assistant.  This of course is not a typical side effect..... I needed to have a culture done.

I waited for about 10 minutes with a patient in the waiting room snoring loudly.  This man taking up 2 chairs in the waiting room his hand on his crotch, mouth open snoring.   It was kinda of laughable and kinda sad  - maybe's he's really sick.... you just don't know.

The lab tech came and got me and off I went.  I was given overly detailed instructions which equated to "pee in this cup".  It all went fine, the bathroom was clean.

I just got a call from the lab and the dip stick test was negative - but they are sending the culture off for further tests to see if there are any trace amounts of bacteria.  So here we go again waiting for more results.

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