Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DCI for PCOS Progress Post

Chrial Balance DCI Progress 
The Journey:
Below what you will find is weekly progress of weight and acne.  
I started 2 pills daily of DCI on Jan 16th.  (I am also taking daily MetforminER and a multi-vitamin)  
For the first two days I was taking them after I ate breakfast, I called the company and they suggested taking the supplement before food in the AM... which I switched up right away.    

For those not aware read about DCI for PCOS here:D-chiro-Inositol 

1/16/2012 Start
 Weighed in @ 158.00
*frequent breakouts (sorry I deleted the "first week" photo I took of my acne by accident)

1/23/2012 Week 1
Weighed in @ 158.8
* I notice tiny bit less acne - no real big change

A Glamorous Up the Nose Shot! lol
(no makeup, photo taken using i-phone)
So as you can see there is not much improvement in weight (bummer) I can't believe the scale went in the other direction! 

However, I have noticed that the were less painful breakouts.  My skin is a teeny tiny bit clearer.  So, that is a step in the right direction.  Usually each week I have a few really painful zits brewing, this week only one I notice so far.  

I have even been a little lazy and if I wasn't wearing makeup, I skipped washing my face once or twice before bed.  I always wash my face in the morning, that I never skip... I know by then it's really to late.  

It's hard to stay motivated throughout this process, because.... like any other  American gal I want instant gratification!  

I know, I know "one step at a time".  Here's is hoping for the best.  

1/30/2012 Week 2
Weighed in @ 158.8
* Painful Zits & no period, I'm pretty unhappy.  Face very irritated.

2/6/2012  Week 3

Weighed in @157.6
* My face and forehead totally broke out this week.  It was awful, but I think it was due to my PERIOD!, yep that's right you read it correctly..... I got my period - only lasted for 2 days, but I would say was about the same "flow" as when I would take Provera (script for a medical induced with drawl bleed "period") very exciting week! 

2/13/2012 Week 4
Weighed in @ 157.8
*Face irritated, slept in Makeup one night.  
No real great improvement in skin or weight.  I do notice not looking so bloated though.  That's got me feeling a tiny better about things.  Just got to keep on keeping on!  

2/20/2012 Week 5
Weighed in @ 157.6
* Face is the best it's been in a while.  Feeling slightly better.  Note: since starting the DCI, I missed Saturday's dose this weekend.  

2/27/2012 Week 6
 Weighed in @ 158.2
*Face is again best it's looked in a long while.  Feeling a tad bloated, but overall happy with my condition of my face.  Wore makeup more frequently this past week.  Feeling much better about the condition of my acne.  I also noticed less of the "darker" hairs that I once noticed on my face as well.

3/5/2012 Week 7
Weighed in @157.2 
*Face is irritated more so then last week.


3/12/2012 Week 8

Weighed in @ 156.8
* Referrer to Acne.... Stinks Post. For Pics.

3/19/2012 Week 9
Weighed in @ 157.0
* Acne much better then last weeks outbreak.

3/26/2012 Week 10

Weighed in @ 155.6 
* Acne okay 

4/2/2012 Week 11
Weighed in @ 154.8
* Acne was really bad before and right after period, which I have not experienced before.
I'm wearing makeup in this pic.... I have to go to the DMV today and get a new ID.

4/16/2012 Week 12

Weighed in @ 154.4 
*Acne Better no real complaints.  Couple white heads that popped easily ( l know, I shouldn't touch them but I could not leave them along & healed quickly).

4/23/2012 Week 13
Weighed in @ 152.6
*No complaints about Acne Much Much Better!!

4/30/2012 Week 14
Weighed in @ 152.6

5/14/2012 Week 15

Weighed in @ 151.8 
* Face looks good no real complaints this week. I just noticed I have been a bit of a slacker with my progress posts.  I also started taking Vitamin D this week.  I'm wearing a slight amount of makeup today, powder and blush.  

5/22/2012 Week 16
Weighed in @ 151.2
* No real complaints, seems to be okay.  Today I had a surge on my Ovulation Test Kit - felt a little sick to my stomach with slight cramping.  

5/29/2012 Week 17
Weighed in @ 149.4
* Things seem to be going well.  No complaints... white heads not real problems though.

6/05/2012 Week 18

Weighed in @ 150.60
Thought I would have had my period by now, waiting........ 

6/21/2012 Week 20

Weighed in @ 150.80
No news really.

7/2/2012 Week 21
Weighed in @ 148.2
Acne around my chin has been really hard to deal with this week.  I expect my period soon, so that is most likely the case.  The number on the scale makes me happy, starting to go down in the right direction again.  

8/14/2012 Week 27

Weighed in @ 147.9 (it's been a while since my last post, sorry)
Not many acne concerns lately.  I expect my period soon.  The number on the scale makes me feel okay - wish it was still descending.  

9/6/2012 Week 30

Weighed in @ 148.2


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