Thursday, May 31, 2012

It usually happens this way....

Field of Dreams

If I write about not getting my period, history has it when it comes to this blog....

"If I write it, it will come".  Sometimes I think building a baseball field would be easier!  :)

So anyways according to my calendar, going off last month my period should be about 3 days away.  By this time normally (if my period were to arrive) I would have a face full of zits, backache, bloating, and be very VERY cranky.

I have the cranky part down, but that could be from outside stresses and lack of sleep this week.  I am not very patient person so anything that involves waiting is so hard for me.  I am driving myself crazy reading other blogs, stats on ovulation, signs of pregnancy, and PMS symptoms. Just a reminder I did have a surge this month, so that was encouraging.

I just so badly want infertility to be something in the back of my mind.  I would really be breathing a sigh of relief if this cycle was nearing the 34 days apart like the last one, otherwise I have to start to consider other options.  My Endo upped me to the max on MetforminER (1st month on the higher dose) in hopes to get the cycle regular.

Fingers crossed, everyone say a prayer.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sexy and I know it....


I am though feeling much better about myself.  Today I weighed in at 149.4 - Go me!  ( I was pretty much in shock when I saw that number)  I wasn't particularly watchful of my eating this holiday weekend, maybe it was because I was more active (or it was crazy hot and I was mega sweaty).

Whatever the case maybe I am glad that the numbers on the scale are still showing improvement.  I expect my AF soon, so fingers crossed that my plumbing is working as though it should.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Clear Blue Easy  - Surge
So this morning after 18 days of faithfully testing for ovulation, I got a surge.  

Bad news, hubby is out of town..... we were able to baby dance 36 hours ago before he left.  So there is still a slight chance, right?

I was getting discouraged, since I had started taking double the MetforminER dosage earlier in the month.   I had no idea how that was going to affect me.  I was concerned that it was going to throw everything off.  I also started taking Vitamin D after I saw a study that found I (PCOS women) am most likely deficient and it can greatly affect my ability to conceive... stay tuned I am going to post it on my page soon.  
Test stick showing a surge

Seems like things are on going on the right direction, a surge is a good                  sign.  I am as usual, feel re-energized about things. I only had 2 sticks left and was a little worried I wouldn't get a surge at all.  I'll take any of the positive signs I can get.  

I think I am starting to learn to read my body better as well.  Which is really hard emotionally first off.  It's not like I can put baby making out of my mind when every morning I am peeing on a stick to see what my chances are.  Even with my husband traveling I am hoping that I am better able to read things, and if need be I can fly to meet him when I think ovualtion will happen if he happens to be on the road.  So a good day - a step in a positive direction.  Feeling slightly better.  

In regards to ovualtion kits I have used a lot and by far Clear Blue easy is the most easy to use.  It takes the guess work out of reading the test lines, and you can feel confident in a surge or not.  It's about $40.00  - but well worth the price.  I have used about 4 other brands and if I had to endorse a kit this would be the one.  

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's!

If someone else wishes me happy mother's day - I don't think I'll be able to take it.

I know ppl. are being courteous and such, and they don't know whats going on with me..... but it's really annoying me.

Maybe since I thought I was on the right track with  PCOS, but now I am having a hard time tracking my ovulation and my face looks like a 14teen year old.  I feel like I am in a slump today.  I think the thing that throws my mood off the most is the acne.... even if you can't yet see it, I can feel the painful cysts and it's so hard to deal with.  The acne totally ruins my self confidence.

I just need to snap out of it I guess.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Dr.'s Appointment

I saw my endocrinologist today!  

Things are going well.  Good news, all around.

I am down 6lbs since my last appt with her.

She said if I wanted to try clomid - it would most likely work.  I'd still like to keep on the route I have going.  That is to get pregnant with out the use of fertility meds (that is my backup plan) continue on the MetforminER, diet control, and PMA.

I am currently at 1000mg and she is bumping me up to 2000mg and I slowly increase this week - I'm slightly worried about stomach issues but we will see how it goes.  She said the weight loss is a huge help, and I feel really good about myself and how things are going.

I am currently tracking ovulation with a Clear Blue Easy test kit.  Dieting is so hard though, at least I have a rejuvenated attitude towards this process now.