Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Clear Blue Easy  - Surge
So this morning after 18 days of faithfully testing for ovulation, I got a surge.  

Bad news, hubby is out of town..... we were able to baby dance 36 hours ago before he left.  So there is still a slight chance, right?

I was getting discouraged, since I had started taking double the MetforminER dosage earlier in the month.   I had no idea how that was going to affect me.  I was concerned that it was going to throw everything off.  I also started taking Vitamin D after I saw a study that found I (PCOS women) am most likely deficient and it can greatly affect my ability to conceive... stay tuned I am going to post it on my page soon.  
Test stick showing a surge

Seems like things are on going on the right direction, a surge is a good                  sign.  I am as usual, feel re-energized about things. I only had 2 sticks left and was a little worried I wouldn't get a surge at all.  I'll take any of the positive signs I can get.  

I think I am starting to learn to read my body better as well.  Which is really hard emotionally first off.  It's not like I can put baby making out of my mind when every morning I am peeing on a stick to see what my chances are.  Even with my husband traveling I am hoping that I am better able to read things, and if need be I can fly to meet him when I think ovualtion will happen if he happens to be on the road.  So a good day - a step in a positive direction.  Feeling slightly better.  

In regards to ovualtion kits I have used a lot and by far Clear Blue easy is the most easy to use.  It takes the guess work out of reading the test lines, and you can feel confident in a surge or not.  It's about $40.00  - but well worth the price.  I have used about 4 other brands and if I had to endorse a kit this would be the one.  

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