Monday, May 7, 2012

Dr.'s Appointment

I saw my endocrinologist today!  

Things are going well.  Good news, all around.

I am down 6lbs since my last appt with her.

She said if I wanted to try clomid - it would most likely work.  I'd still like to keep on the route I have going.  That is to get pregnant with out the use of fertility meds (that is my backup plan) continue on the MetforminER, diet control, and PMA.

I am currently at 1000mg and she is bumping me up to 2000mg and I slowly increase this week - I'm slightly worried about stomach issues but we will see how it goes.  She said the weight loss is a huge help, and I feel really good about myself and how things are going.

I am currently tracking ovulation with a Clear Blue Easy test kit.  Dieting is so hard though, at least I have a rejuvenated attitude towards this process now.

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