Thursday, May 31, 2012

It usually happens this way....

Field of Dreams

If I write about not getting my period, history has it when it comes to this blog....

"If I write it, it will come".  Sometimes I think building a baseball field would be easier!  :)

So anyways according to my calendar, going off last month my period should be about 3 days away.  By this time normally (if my period were to arrive) I would have a face full of zits, backache, bloating, and be very VERY cranky.

I have the cranky part down, but that could be from outside stresses and lack of sleep this week.  I am not very patient person so anything that involves waiting is so hard for me.  I am driving myself crazy reading other blogs, stats on ovulation, signs of pregnancy, and PMS symptoms. Just a reminder I did have a surge this month, so that was encouraging.

I just so badly want infertility to be something in the back of my mind.  I would really be breathing a sigh of relief if this cycle was nearing the 34 days apart like the last one, otherwise I have to start to consider other options.  My Endo upped me to the max on MetforminER (1st month on the higher dose) in hopes to get the cycle regular.

Fingers crossed, everyone say a prayer.

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