Friday, September 14, 2012

2nd Acupuncture for Infertility Appointment Today

I had my second acupuncture for infertility appointment this morning.  This is the list from the intern of foods that may be helpful - and what to stay away from.  

At my previous appointment I told her I was eating a lot of frozen yogurt,  love ice cream,  and Milk... she asked what my cravings are.  She suggested I that limit the amount of cold dairy products, but not cut them out.  

I was brave enough to look at the needles this time.  This appointment was much better then the first.  I do feel exhausted again though, but that is common.  I also made 2 following appointments   

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

acupuncture for infertility

I was told from the OBGYN, that acupuncture is helpful for women suffereing with infertility.  I also had a friend who has a friend (you know the story, lol) that swears by it.  I decided, it was time deal with my fear of needles, and try it.  

I started last Friday Sept. 7th.  I didn't really know what to expect, I didn't do tons for research about the experience, because I am terrified of needles and didn't want to psych myself out.  I called at least 20 places - and came to realize most are not open during the day, didn't have websites, seemed to be pretty much booked up, didn't speak English, or didn't want to treat me for infertility.  I was surprised, because Chicago is a big city - how can this be?

I did finally find a school that teaches Oriental Medicine - and made the appointment on the spot.  I'm so glad I didn't do a lot of reading about the experience before, because I did freak out.... a little.  I just don't do well with needles - and had a mini meltdown.  I was able to compose myself till after I was out of the building.  As with all the things I do - there is the devil & angel on my shoulder.  Since it's a teaching school she is a intern - waiting to be clinically certified.  I felt extremely comfortable with her, and she knew all about PCOS.  She performed an extensive medical history, and they look also at your tongue before the acupuncture.  For the first appt. I was there for about 2 hours - but the following appts. will be much shorter.  Okay, so about my Freak out....

She inserted the needles - and I don't want to scare anyone off, but I felt each and EVERY one of them.  I believe there were 8 total, that were left in the body for 15 mins. Once there were in my body felt electrified, but in a good way.  It was during the time alone I had a break down.  The reappearance of my Angel & Devil on my shoulder.    

The Devil said  "you are wasting your time - these needles hurt- go ahead look at them - this isn't going to work - you hate needles"

The Angel said  "relax - don't look at the needles - give yourself every opportunity - your going to be okay - you are meant to have a baby - everything will work out - have faith - stay calm"

I do suffer panic attacks, so it's not unthinkable I'd panic.... but no less comforting either.  In the middle of the episode, the knock at the door quickly stopped my mind - the intern entered and told be I only has 5 more minutes.... SWEET RELIEF!  A wave of calm came over me.  It wasn't till I was talking about the experience 30mins later that the feelings all came flooding back.  Once I had a time to cry out all my frustrations, I felt better but drained.  My body was soar that day, and I didn't feel quite right... however I was told to expect that.

My husband - who is ALWAYS super supportive listened to everything with an open mind.  He asked if I think it's working? - Clearly to early to tell - however I did "feel" something.  I guess I feel like it's a step in the right direction.  The Intern recommend that  I continue once a week - so I made an appt. for the next (2) following weeks.  I feel good about, and feel MUCH better about the needles used.  

Thursday, September 6, 2012

September is PCOS Awareness Month

So, if you are like me.... before being diagnosed with PCOS - I had never heard of it.  When I told friends and family - they were clueless.  It was at first kind of hard to determine what to do.  I read lots and lots of chat boards - but never really trusted anything I read. Most the chat boards were outdated, full of adds, and most importantly gave misguided information. 

Here is the list of places I found on the web that really helped me understand my condition with information I could trust.  It can be overwhelming at first - but it gets easier to understand little by little.  I found there are lots of blogs out there, just like mine where women are going the same feelings. You are not alone!

Looking for Answers:  

PCOS Information: 
mayo clinic - This is helpful in getting ready for a first Dr.'s appointment.

Northwestern Memorial Hospital - Easy to understand.

pcos help centre - Many helpful tips.  

livestrong article what can help me lose weight with pcos - Weight loss advice- so very helpful in the battle against PCOS.

chiral balance - I started taking DCI as soon as I was diagnosed.  They have a great video that explains what DCI does.

preseed sperm friendly lube - I bought this as soon as we started TTC.

ask your Dr. about taking vitamin d - this article has a very good description.  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Breaking up is Hard to do.... See ya SODA!

Sugar is the mortal enemy of PCOS.  

I am a recovering soda addict.  I indulge here and there - but have stopped buying diet coke/coke by the case load, long long ago.  It was hard at first, but slowly it got easier. In the beginning I suffered from Headaches and mood swings - it was brutal.  

I still have some caffeine everyday, but not nearly what I used to drink.  Sometimes I miss all the diet coke / coke, I used to drink - but I know it's for the best.  

Here are some Products that have replaced Soda in my life.  

Juice & Lemonade - I always cut with water.  

 My new favorite soda!  I have always loved this stuff, and after visiting their brewery this weekend.... I found out it comes in low cal! This is a great way to treat yourself once in a while and is sweetened with local honey.  
 It's awesome - and visiting the Brewery was really fun! 
Check out the website here :sprecher brewery info and tours

I love love love Starbucks Shaken Iced Green Tea Lemonade Unsweetened

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Products that Helped my Acne from PCOS

So, it's been a while since I have spoken about my Acne.  Mostly, because (knock on wood) it's been pretty good.  I have slight breakouts around my period - but it's manageable.  I feel much better about my skin - the acne, that I had was painful... I'm glad those days are hopefully behind me now.

Here is what I use to keep my skin healthy.

I love this formula.  I noticed a difference in my skin after completing the first bottle.  I would highly recommend this.  

I love this face wash.  I remember my mother as a kid, had a favorite nail polish color - and was crushed when they discontinued it.  At the time I couldn't understand being so connected to a product.  Now, I get it.... I would be devastated if this face wash wasn't around anymore.  I have used it's for the past 2 years.  It removes makeup like a dream (even eye makeup), and makes my skin feel amazing.  

This is a great product.  Just enough coverage in a super charged moisturizer all in one.  If I do happen to have acne - this covers well.  Feels like velvet going on - and doesn't upset the ph balance in my skin.  

I just started using these again, and I think they make a huge difference in the appearance of my skin.  I use the nose strips about once a week.  I think I bought a pack of 14 for about 8.00, sometimes you can even find a coupon.