Thursday, September 6, 2012

September is PCOS Awareness Month

So, if you are like me.... before being diagnosed with PCOS - I had never heard of it.  When I told friends and family - they were clueless.  It was at first kind of hard to determine what to do.  I read lots and lots of chat boards - but never really trusted anything I read. Most the chat boards were outdated, full of adds, and most importantly gave misguided information. 

Here is the list of places I found on the web that really helped me understand my condition with information I could trust.  It can be overwhelming at first - but it gets easier to understand little by little.  I found there are lots of blogs out there, just like mine where women are going the same feelings. You are not alone!

Looking for Answers:  

PCOS Information: 
mayo clinic - This is helpful in getting ready for a first Dr.'s appointment.

Northwestern Memorial Hospital - Easy to understand.

pcos help centre - Many helpful tips.  

livestrong article what can help me lose weight with pcos - Weight loss advice- so very helpful in the battle against PCOS.

chiral balance - I started taking DCI as soon as I was diagnosed.  They have a great video that explains what DCI does.

preseed sperm friendly lube - I bought this as soon as we started TTC.

ask your Dr. about taking vitamin d - this article has a very good description.  


  1. These are invaluable links! Thank you for sharing!!

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