Tuesday, August 21, 2012


After a routine check up at my Endocrinologist 2 weeks ago, I mentioned to her that the MetforminER is better on my stomach but still have issues.  My main issue being diarrhea. The extended release was more manageable, however I was still running to the bathroom about once/twice a day.... literally RUNNING.

At my appointment I was handed (2) sample bottles of Glumetza - the Dr. said that "patients have noticed it's much easier on the stomach", and that it is more expensive then MetforminER.  I wasn't thrilled that it was more expensive, and I was skeptical at how much "easier on the stomach" it really was.  I waited till I had 1 more dose of my MetforminER left and tried the Glumetza samples. (Que' singing Angels)


I am so much happier on Glumetza.  Currently taking (2) 1000mg dose each night, I feel so much better in the morning.  There are still days I have diarrhea, but they are few and far between.   I only wish I knew about it sooner.  As for the price, it was double what I was paying - but totally worth it.  I no longer scout out the restroom at every public place.  

Also, I am going to stay the course of action for the next 6 months, then regroup if there is no successful pregnancy.  I am currently using ovulation kits each month, and getting a surge (I can now also track my cycle to 34 days). I was advised by my Dr. that if I get anxious at any point, she suggests visiting my OBGYN and asking for clomid - which she thinks would be successful. 


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