Friday, August 24, 2012


Do you like pinterest? I am pretty much obsessed.  I have created a PCOS board that I wanted to share....

There are lots of other PCOS boards, and it's interesting to see what other women are pinning.

I highly suggest pinterest if you have loads of time, with nothing to do.  In all seriousness, sometimes pinterest is a good "metal vacation" from other sites like FB that are loaded with sonogram & baby shots.  I sometimes get a little baby crazy - looking on FB to see who else I know that is pregnant and what their baby looks like.  It's a sick thing I do when I am sometimes feeling down on myself.  Is it healthy, no probably not lol....but I remember when my friends were starting to get engaged & married - I loved to spy on engagement photos and rings.... wondering when my turn was coming.

Happy Pinning!

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