Tuesday, August 14, 2012


So I did end up having a yest infection.  At first I thought it was a urinary tract infection, and at my Endocrinologist appointment I asked her to do a urinalysis - which was totally normal.  I went to to my OB after still not feeling terrible but not feeling right (my husband urged me to go) I just wasn't sure what was going on.  She spotted it right away.

Since we are TTC and I have not gotten my period by that point, I had to do the cream.  It seems to be clearing up.  I had a reaction the cream treatment a couple years ago so I took it with a Benadryl and that seemed to really help.

For some stupid reason I felt different this month.  I also read so many posts about women who had a yeast infection early in their pregnancy. I started to get my hopes up just a little- I'm so mad at myself about that.  I just had a different feeling about this month.  

Yesterday I started spotting and I think it's to late for implantation bleeding, another Bust.

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