Friday, August 31, 2012

Out with the old in with the New.

Labor Day weekend is here and Summer will be soon be in the rear view mirror.  I have been in a "funk" lately, but there has been a lot of other outside issues this Summer, other then my body.  

I sort of feel like my surroundings are forcing me to change my outlook.  For example, since I am still loosing some weight... I have been putting off buying new clothes.  In hopes that my next wardrobe will be maternity shopping.  I was finally able to fit into (3) pairs of pants I bought at the very early stages of first going off the pill.  I started to rapidly gain weight - this was before I became aware of my PCOS, 40+ lbs. later.  So this Summer I just wore though those 3 pairs of pants that I bought when I first started to gain weight.  So, I was forced to purge basically the 3 pairs of pants I was wearing all though out the week currently.

Then, I was laying in bed - I went to stretch my legs and heard a tear! My favorite pair of sheets (we have 2 sets) had a HUGE gash in it.  I guess we use them constantly for the past 3 years, we got pretty good wear out of them.  So now, I am forced to use the other set of sheets... that aren't nearly as comfortable. But, again I have to now change my habit.  

Last but not least .... cosmetics.  I have extremely long hair so don't wash it every day, but shampoo & conditioner were used up this week at the same time.  Then I used all my Bare Minerals Foundation... I even went as far as to crack open the container to tap put the powder stuck under the rings of the cap.  Then, my hairspray, face wash, and moisturizer all went out too.  

So I think the universes is telling me something.... CHANGE.  hahahah!

People that know me, know that like the majority of us we are creatures of habit.  I eat the same food, wear the same clothes (not now anyways), watch the same TV shows, read the same kind of books.  I guess you could say that Change for me is hard.  This week - all the little things changed on me, and I really didn't have a choice.  Hoping for a Bigger Change soon, and trying to pay more attention to looking at things differently.


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