Monday, June 18, 2012

Looking Real.

Sometimes a magazine will do a special article where the star has no makeup on, and everyone praises them.  I don't know what reality is anymore, and I think most American women are clueless too.  I am sick of looking at what the media represents as a beautiful women. I can see airbrushing out a pimple, maybe some crows feet around the eyes - but scooping out a women hips, who is suppose to be famous for being curvy.. now that I just don't understand.  

The above pic is in a current magazine that women love and the article is about bikinis at every age. Um, seriously who is in the art dept?  The photo of KK looks ridiculous - and frankly they all do.  Thus, real women like myself keep struggling to fit in and it's mostly fake anyways... so insanely frustrating.  

Even though I lost about 10 lbs. I don't notice a change in myself, and I still struggle with the weight gain from PCOS and finding myself in the mirror again. 

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  1. The joys of airbrushing. If we had half the legal power some of these ladies do, we've all look like statues. In short, don't pay too much into it. Especially since you lost 10 lbs!! That's amazing!