Friday, February 17, 2012


I am really glad the weekend is here, very thankful!

I had a really hard time sleeping last night.  I was tossing and turning with TN face pain - I think I went down soundly at around 3ish.  The Affrin really seemed to help - I must have some sort of sinus thing going on that is triggering the nerve.  

I just don't know what causes it and neither do the doctors.  It's not worth going to the neurologist and paying a copay, so her med student can suggest drugs I can not take since I am  TTC.   I'm a tiny nervous that the pain could come back, but taking it one day at a time.  (Since we are currently TTC the epilepsy drugs are not an option)  There is a "blocker" shot I can go in for but that would have to be if things get REALLY bad - I'm totally not interested in and it sounds horrid.  The worst it trying not to think about it - it's truly impossible.
I feel like a new person this morning though...  No. More. Pain. !   
It's really refreshing to wake up with out it, or rather not being woken up from it.  I really do feel like a new person.  The pain this time lasted for about 48 hours.  That may be why I have not really had much of an appetite this week - I wish the scale would reflect that.     But, like I said I am feeling better and that is all that matters.  

Still monitoring my ovulation and so far no surge in the kit - I'm getting a bit anxious about it - seriously, I hate waiting so annoying!  I also plan to start working out again this week, now that I am feeling better. Yesterday, I also started my second bottle of the DCI for PCOS dietary supplement.  Hmm, that was a lot of little updates :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Thanks for all the encouraging notes this week!

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