Tuesday, February 7, 2012


So this morning I started the Answer ovulation predictor kit.  I bought it a couple months back... but wasn't able to start using right away - because up until this month I wasn't getting a period.  

I wish that these tests were a little bit easier to follow in the morning when I am half asleep.  There seems to be a lot of reading that results in "pee in cup, insert stick, wait".  Maybe I should write the instructions for these kits, a new job calling... maybe?!? ( I just noticed that the box says, testing made simple.... hmmmm)  Or how about "Ikea" picture instructions?  Maybe it's just me but I am truly am a zombie in the morning - I really don't remember anything until after a shower.  Reading the test without glasses this morning was interesting - but I think I managed to figure it out.

So what I am hoping for is to the a "Surge" which means ovulation will most likely happen.  I am going to be testing now everyday at the same time.  I started the test 3 days after my period since me cycles are longer.

I am hoping for the best.  Wish me Luck.

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