Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Music and my Health

When watching the Grammy awards this weekend, it got me thinking.  Music is so very important, I totally take it for granted.  Music truly inspires me to be a better/different/loving/open person.  I may not be up to speed with that is "cool or hip" but I like what I like and that's that.  I also think that music it at a crossroads as well - between auto-tune, record labels, artists, and fans - what are ppl. really "in" it for?

It's an important question in anything you do.... what are you "in"it for?  Why do I want a baby/family, what career is right for me, or what are my priorities?

Music inspires me to get moving.... a little nudge to work out, take a walk, it give me the much needed jolt of energy.

Music inspires me to see things differently - a new perspective is often very refreshing when I am stuck in a rut. 

Music can be calming when sitting in the tub, or I am relaxing before bed.  I have recently been listening to vintage radio programs - it's fun and it gives my eyes a rest.

Music can help me diffuse my anger is times of rage and impatience.

Music can make me laugh - (or you laugh if you are ever lucky enough to notice any of my sweet dance moves)

What are you listening to?


  1. Lately I have been laughing at music after getting a cover of a Genuwine (sp?) song stuck in my head. Have you ever heard the song Pony? A band called Far did a cover of it and it is the dirtiest song ever. Now it is stuck in my head!

    1. I am going to Google that right now! I totally remember that song - boy whatever happen to him? I'll check it out. I could use a good laugh. Thanks for the comment. It's really nice to see such a great community of us gals on here, makes me feel less lonely in my struggle!