Thursday, December 6, 2012

Everything A-okay

Had my 16 week check up today.  Everything is a-okay.

Heard the Heart Beat, and heard the baby moving around too.  My Husband was able to make it to the appointment, I think he really enjoyed it.  I was able to hear the heart beat at 12 weeks - and he missed out on that.

Since I can't feel anything yet, it's amazing to hear the Dr. say "I can hear the babe moving around in there" before she got to the heart beat.  It's a really cool thought, actually it's hard to put to words.

I also gained 3 lbs.  I told the Dr. I am still not feeling well - however she said next month I should feel much better.  So, if it's only 1 month of feeling sick then that's not so bad.  I am very fortunate to not be actually throwing up... just feeling sick.

I also decided with our upcoming trip to Maui, and a Husband that travels often.... it was in my best interest to get he flu shot.  I just feel tired now, with a soar arm.

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