Monday, February 4, 2013

15 Weeks to Go

I can't believe it.  I have 15 weeks and 2 days to go.  It's been a crazy journey and it's all starting to feel, well  feel VERY real. Not that it wasn't before, but I was still on that "wow, I can't believe I'm really pregnant feeling"!

12 weeks
23 weeks

I feel the baby move often and each time it's a little reminder of my past struggles, but remind me how lucky and grateful I am.  I have started to get slightly paranoid about movement - before it was always a treat, but now that I am suppose to feel it every day... I have been LOOKING for it.   I have started to register for my shower, and this weekend my husband I am picked our crib.  We are having a BABY GIRL - so I am also starting to look at nursery decor.

In Medical News, I just had my 24 week check up.  I had my glucose test and TDAP shot.  I'm still waiting on the results of the glucose test, but the TDAP shot, I was not expecting to be so painful! Ouch!!!  It's almost 4 days later and my arm is still very sore and slightly swollen.  I have been icing it nightly, which only really seems to help for a short amount of time.  Other then that I am feeling really tired, not really able to get more then 3 or at the most 4 hours of sleep.  I am trying to get used to the Boppy Prenatal Pillow - but so far it has not made much of a difference.

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