Thursday, July 19, 2012

Magic Mike Movie Night

Movie Night

My friend and I walk into the AMC Movie Theater

Me: I don't get a chance to say anything at the ticket counter....
Cashier: Two for Magic Mike?
Me: That obvious huh.....
Cashier: Trust me it's not a lucky guess.

So needless to say I saw Magic Mike with my friend last night.   It was a fun night out on the town, and I really needed it.  The theater was totally packed on a Wednesday night.... with men & women, and the movie was pretty good! I liked it, more then I thought I would. Sometimes I have learned with reading books or watching movies, if you go in with no expectations - you can be pleasantly surprised.

It really made me think about how women are wired and our current position in society today.  With the sudden explosion of Fifty Shades & Magic Mike - it seems to me like there is slight revival of  The Mass Market of The Female Libido. Which surprises me since advertising & media aside I'd say our country generally is lacking in the womens movement.   In the theater last night - I heard lots of  "he's so hot", "oh my", "she's so ugly" and lots and lots of awkward chuckles.  The movie is not through the eyes of a female and that is quite obvious.

Going to this movie was fun.  The story line was good, Channing Tatum isn't bad to look at for 2 hours but the thought of actually going to a Male strip club/all male review is not something I am particularly interested in. I briefly mentioned this to my husband last night, the thought of a sweaty stripper "dong in a thong" coming anywhere near me no matter how good looking he is, for me is not a turn on. (My husband calles me a germ- a- phobe, maybe I am a prude... I don't know) I'll gladly pass on the banana hammock in my face - that to me isn't a turn on.  I can't imagine the thought of sticking a money in anyone's sweaty underwear!

Of course Channing Tatum is the "good guy stripper" with excellent dance moves, and I heard someone in the theater say his "character was sexy" and  I totally agree and think that it is a crucial part to his allure.  I also found it interesting how the other women in the theater picked apart the girls in the movie. Are women hard wired to be jealous, and insecure?  

All and all it was a really fun night, I should do it more often. 

Have you seen Magic Mike?

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  1. I have not seen it yet, but I hope to once it comes out on Blu-Ray. My DH doesn't want to see it and I don't have many friends in my current area. New Reader of your blog :)
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