Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm Baaaaack! - "older, wiser, & relaxed"

Aruba - was AWESOME!  

I have in the past, had birthday freak-outs, no need to go into detail.  This year no freak-outs for the big 30. We started the day with breakfast in bed, a massage at the spa, a day of sight seeing, topped off with a wonderful birthday dinner where our toes were in the water on the beach.                                     

So, I'm really 30.  I know everyone I talk to usually has the response "but your so young" "just a baby, yourself" "30 is no big deal".... to me it was a big deal.  I think back to the days before I was married planning my life out by age, I think all girls do this at some point.  I feel like my varying original plan is not to far off.  I remember my plan  - " I want to be married by 25" - I was married at 27.... just a 2 years off.  Not to bad - I have only been married now, for a lil over 2 years now - but I have been with my Husband for over 7 years.  I can't imagine life without him.  He has truly made me better person - and I love that we are growing together.  He really makes me understand the word family so differently.  

Now, for the the other part of our family - the baby. My struggle with PCOS/INFERTILITY continues.  Some days are better then others.  I pretty much let my diet slip while on vacation - and my tummy was upset a lot.  I noticed with the MetforminER - that it's either I feel great or awful, not in-between.  The more junk I eat the worse I feel.  So I plan to get back on track ASAP.  I feel a slight sense of relief that I believe I am now on a menstrual cycle.  Hoping that I am able to achieve pregnancy with the use of Charting, Metformin ER, DCI, and a better diet.  

Here's to hoping that 30 will be a year of great change!

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