Monday, March 26, 2012



That is exactly how I am feeling.  Oh where o' where could my period be.  I think the worst part about this is the constant thought "that it's here", when in face it is not.  It's the constant feeling of "oh yes, it's here... things are working right, but the I soon find out - FALSE ALARM!

All I want it a somewhat regular schedule.  I know I'm doing a lot of moaning - I'm just feeling stressed out.  I am looking forward to a trip to Aruba my husband and I are taking in a couple days.... maybe get my mind off things.

I'm just so annoyed.

My husband and I have switched to a low carb/fresh diet.... so we will just have to wait to see how that goes.  I have already cut out a lot of crap I was eating, and I have been the lowest weight I can remember since June of 2011.

Small steps I guess - when all I want is a giant leap.

I have also been way overly emotional lately.  Like to the point were my dead relatives are visiting me in my dreams.  Bah!  I really need this vacation!


  1. I'm so sorry that AF is no where in sight. That's very frustrating. But at least Aruba isn't that far off. Thinking of you and hoping the limbo ends soon.

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