Wednesday, March 21, 2012


So I started taking Metformin in December of 2011.  I was running to the bathroom constantly & always sick to my stomach.  I saw my doc 2 months ago and switched to MetforminER (supposedly easier on the stomach)- she told me that if it was making me sick, to take 2 (500mg) at night... which I have been doing religiously until this week I realized...... 

(TMI ALERT) they are just passing thru me! 

Is this because I am taking them at night?  Can my body just not dissolve them?

I wonder if this is in direct correlation with the fact that my period is still not here.  Very annoying as I am so eager to get on a schedule.  Having tracked my ovualtion for the first time, and seeing (what I think was a surge) I thought maybe there was a slight chance it was a pregnancy.  Of course wishful thinking... not having this period is really bothering me.  I thought I was finally getting on the right track.... now nothing!


  1. My guess is that you are absorbing more than you think. The medicine is in a matrix that delivers the medicine slowly and that thing stays intact. Although if you have to go urgently a lot maybe you need to adjust your diet to low carb and see if that helps. I have actually had completely regular and normal cycles on just the met for over a year now

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