Monday, March 5, 2012

I'm so glad the weekend is over... yea, you read that correctly

Hair Dye Allergic Reaction 
Hair Dye Allergic Reaction

What a terrible weekend!  I had my hair professionally colored and it was a nightmare.  I was in agony.  My head felt like one big mosquito bite, and my ears were so sensitive I could not wear my glasses.  

Here are the chain of events:

6:00 - 9:00 ... cut and color = color turned out horrible extremely brassy, which I made clear I was not interested in any brassy tones.   My husband picks me up and tells me I have color all over my face - I tell him it's a shadow... 
*ya know how sometimes you don't want to see things that are right in front of your face (in my case on my face).  
11:00 -wake and take shower = color is not budging off scalp/face hair line - color in daylight looks like "green baby poop".
12:00 -go to salon complain that my entire hairline is dyed, color is off..... she says she can redo it at 2:15.  I ask if it's okay since I just had it dyed?!? My stylist informs me that is is okay b/c there was no lifting.
2:30 - she takes me and re-do color, and then styles it for me.  
5:45 - head home
9:45 - head starts itching take 2 benadryl and apply Hydrocortisone  cream
11:00 sit with an ice pack on my head for most of the morning
12:00 take 2 more benadryl sleep till 6:00
7:00 - eat dinner take 2 more benadryl
8:00 - tossed and turned all night, feeling slightly better, made dr.'s appt. for tomorrow.  
9:30 - call salon to find out what kind of dye they use, no answer

The reaction didn't start till a couple hours later - and the itch/burning was intense.  I looked online and took Benadryl and used Hydrocortisone Cream around the scalp and ears.  What a terrible weekend!


  1. Yowsers!! That does not look comfortable :(

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