Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Monday Blues on a Tuesday

I have not been sleeping very well recently and called off yesterday, I think the time change had a little bit to do with it also.  I had not slept at all on Sunday and my sinus' have really been bothering me.  I feel like I have been fighting a cold.  I have also been just plain tired, feeling like I can't that rested feeling.  

I also have something strange going on ..... 

TMI Alert.... I have tons of       clear/slightly white-ish discharge.... 

It all started last week. According to my period tracker I have 4 days left until my period.  I have never experienced anything  like this before.  I even began to  doubt my ovulation tracker kit.... but I don't think this is the case. 

Never ever have I experience this before.  Usually, before my period things kinda of "dry up" now it's the exact opposite.  
(I took a pregnancy test, even though it was way early and as per the usual it was negative.)  

Is this a new PCOS thing I have never experienced before?

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