Monday, March 19, 2012

Sorry for Party Rockin'

Every St. Pats Parade Day we host a big Chicago Party Parade Day.  This year we made almost 9 pounds of corned beef and had all of our friends over.  I opened the fridge and the shelf was too full and everything came crashing down on my bare feet.  The left foot was a goner.  When it first happened - " I thought wow that really hurt"  - but walked it off.  It wasn't till about 30mins later I looked and knew this was not going to be good.

Contusion Left Foot
Contusion Left foot

I went to have it checked b/c I feared a fracture or a break since it's so close to the joint, I always thought if there is black & blue it could be a break.  I Went to the ER the next day - and had x-rays done - no break, outcome was a ................. contusion.  So it's just going to take time to heal.  Pretty exciting stuff, huh!

On the Period/PCOS/Infertility/Ovulation front.... no news.

I have taken 2 tests and both were negative, so no good explanation why I didn't get a period other then PCOS.  I am pretty frustrated - to say the very least.  It's so discouraging.

I would really like to get on a  traceable schedule.  I am doing everything the Dr.'s told me so I guess I just have to wait and see what happens.  I thought for sure I was going to get my period - and then ..... just nothing.


  1. Yeow! That looks like it hurts! Take it easy on yourself.